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Thermal Laminating Film Rolls
High Melt Laminating Film, Low Melt Laminating Film, Lamination Film
GBC Laminating Film, 1 Inch Core, 2 1/4 Inch Core, 3 Inch Core Laminating Film

Thermal Laminating Film Rolls come in 1 inch, 2 1/4 Inch and 3 Inch core sizes. The core is the cardboard tube that the film is wrapped around. The core slides over the mandrel of your roll laminator and is threaded through the laminator. If unsure, check the owner's manual of your roll laminator for the proper core size used with your laminator.
Laminating film comes in 1.5, 3, 5, 7 or 10 mil thickness. The thicker the laminating film the more rigid the result. A 1.5 Mil film will protect your document while keeping it very flexible. 3 Mil film will add slightly more body while still being pretty flexible, 5 Mil will add yet more body, 7 Mil will be more rigid with some flexibility and 10 Mil film will be quite rigid.

GBC NAP I Laminating Film - "High-Melt" thermal laminating film. Provides excellent bonding strength for items with porous surfaces and light ink coverage.
GBC NAP II Laminating Film - "Low-Melt" thermal laminating film. Designed to run at lower temperatures. Perfect for coated or glossy papers and heavy ink coverage.
Economy Film - "High-Melt" thermal laminating film. Good for general use.

1 Inch Core Thermal Laminating FIlm Rolls - Laminating Film on a 1 inch core.

2 1/4 Inch Core Thermal Laminating Film Rolls - Laminating film on a 2 1/4 inch core

3 Inch Core Thermal Laminanting Film Rolls - Laminating film on a 3 inch core.