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A paper shredder is an essential tool in maintaining proper security of information. Shredding your company and personal documents is a must to combat indentity theft. To make it easier to choose a paper shredder we've catagorized them into deskside paper shredder, office paper shredder, department paper shredder, high capacity paper shredder, multimedia shredder, high security shredder, as well as shredder bags, oil & accessories. Below is a brief description of each paper shredder category.

Deskside Paper Shredder
Deskside Shredder:
These paper shredders are designed for personal use and can be placed next to or under your desk or in the home. They come in strip cut and cross cut models and have feed capacities up to 20 sheets. Deskside shredders are designed for shredding up to 100 sheets of paper per day and are perfect for destroying bank statements, credit applications or financial records.

Office Paper Shredder
Office Paper Shredder:

An office paper shredder is typically made to withstand the demands of several users and can handle between 1/2 & 3 cases of paper per day. This makes an office paper shredder a great choice for small to medium company needs. We have both strip cut and cross cut models of office paper shredders from all the top brands like Kobra, Dahle, Destroyit, Intimus, Martin Yale & GBC.

Departmental paper shredder
Department Paper Shredder
- Departmental shredders can continually shred large quantities of paper for long periods of time and are designed to shred 2,000 to 12,000 sheets of paper per day. Available in both strip cut and cross cut models, their attractive design and large storage bin make these heavy duty shredders an excellent addition to any large office, copy room or communications center.

industrial shredder
High Capacity Shredder
- High Capacity Shredders are just the tools to destroy large quantities of paper in a short amount of time. For organizations with a need for high volume shredding, an in-house shredding program based around a high capacity shredder is the most secure and economical way of disposing sensitive documents. These shredders typically require a 220V 3 phase connection.

CD / Multimedia Shredder
CD / Multimedia Shredder
- Confidential information can be found in many different formats, so why not have a shredder that can destroy them all? With this in mind, manufacturers have developed a new generation of shredders that can destroy more than just paper, they will handle credit cards, smart cards, CDs and floppys.

booklet maker
High Security Shredder
- In order to protect our national security, military and government agencies require higher levels of security from their paper shredders. With this in mind, NSA/CSS Specification 02-01 (level 6) is the new standard for maximum particle area and maximum particle dimensions as well as setting a tough standard for machine durability.

Shredder oil and bags
Paper Shredder Supplies
- All the supplies and accessories you'll need to keep your paper shredder in top working order.