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Laminating photographs, documents, ID badges, business cards and more is made easy with a quality pouch laminator or roll laminator. Here are brief descriptions of each method of laminating.

Pouch laminators are the most popular laminating machines on the market. The ease of use and mobility make it a best seller. Pouch laminating machines come in different shapes and sizes, using a laminating pouch to encapsulate the document.

The inside of the pouch is coated with a heat-activated glue that sticks to the document as it runs through the pouch laminator. Place your document in the pouch, place the pouch in the carrier (a folded piece of heavy paper with a silicon coating so the pouch doesn't stick) and insert into the pouch laminator. This passes through the rollers helping to evenly distribute heat and help keep the lamination pouch pressed shut during the lamination process.

The key to buying a pouch laminator is matching the right laminator to your application. Pouch laminators are classified as follows:
Personal Pouch Laminators
Personal Pouch Laminators - A personal pouch laminator will handle occasional use and usually limited laminating pouch size & thickness.

Office Pouch Laminators
Office Pouch Laminators - Office pouch laminators are designed for offices, schools & churches. These pouch laminators can handle documents, small signs or POS displays and are between 4 inches & 13 inches wide.

Professional Pouch Laminators
Professional Pouch Laminators
- Professional pouch laminators are heavy duty laminators. great for laminating high volumes of documents, photographs, signs and larger format material. These pouch laminators will accommodate a wide variety of pouch sizes and thickness.

Laminating Pouches
Laminating Pouches
- Laminating Pouches come in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses. Choose the proper size laminating pouch for your item.
Thermal Roll Laminators
Thermal Roll Laminators
- Roll laminators are commonly seen in schools, print shops and other environments where a high volume of laminating occurs. Most roll laminators use two separate rolls of lamination film to laminate the top and bottom of the product. The laminating film contains a heat-activated glue on one side that sticks to the document while being run through the laminator. Roll laminators are easy to use and help lower the cost of lamination for high-volume lamination. Use a roll laminator to laminate posters, photo ID, business cards, reports, menus and more.

Thermal Laminating Film
Thermal Laminating Film Rolls
- Rolls of laminating film are for rolls laminators. Rolls of laminating film are priced per roll but only sold in pairs. Film thicknesses range from 1.5 Mil through 10 Mil. Be sure to purchase the proper width and thickness allowed by the specifications of your roll laminator.