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Currency Handling
Bill Counters, Money Counters, Coin Counters, Coin Sorters, Money Sorters, Counterfeit Detectors
Check Signers, Check Endorsers, Electric Check Signers, Document Signers, Check Writers

A bill counter will allow you to accurately count large amounts of bills and coin counters will do the same for mixed or sorted coins. Coin sorters will help you sort mixed coins for easier counting, bagging or wrapping while a coin crimper will put a tight, secure seal on the end of your rolled coin. A counterfeit detector helps businesses ensure they are receiving authentic bills. A bank depository provides for secure deposits while giving the depositor a validated receipt. Check signers will automate the check signing process for single checks or large runs. A check writer will emboss numbers and symbols to prevent forgery. We also sell all the supplies and accessories including replacement ribbons, ink and engraving plates.

Bill Counters
Bill Counter
- A bill counter quickly and precisely count bills, coupons or tickets. Some bill counters can count up to 1200 bills per minute! Bill counters are available with counterfeit detection built-in to help you verify authenticity.

Coin Counter
Coin Counters
- Coin counters use the diameter & thickness of the coin to determine which denomination they're counting. Simply set the desired thickness and diameter and you are counting coins! Some coin counters will count and off-sort. Choose the size coin to count and the machine will count that coin & off-sort all others to be counted or sorted next. Choose from manual or electric model coin counters and coin sorters.

Coin Crimpers
Coin Crimper
- A coin crimper professionally seals paper coin wrappers. Coin crimpers have crimping heads sized to the roll to be crimped. In just seconds your wrapped coins can have a clean, tight finish.

Counterfeit Detector
Counterfeit Detectors
- A counterfeit detector helps you to make sure your money is authentic. Genuine notes are identified by a green light on the counterfeit detector while suspect notes are identified with a red light and audible tone.

Bank Depository - The bank depository is convenient and improves customer satisfaction, especially during times of peak traffic. Customers receive instantaneously validated receipts for deposits or payments. Can be used in any setting where a secure method of receiving deposits or payments is needed.

Check Signers
Check Signers
- Check signers save time by feeding checks through an automatic signer capable of signing hundreds of checks at a time. Security features are built into the check signers that prevent unauthorized access. There are check signers for cut sheet checks or continuous form checks. Some Check Signers can also be used as check endorsers.

Check Writers
Check Writers
- Check writers quickly prints and embosses numbers and symbols on personal & business checks. A check writer saves time over handwriting checks and helps prevent forgery.

Supplies and Accessories - Replacement ink, engraving die plates, etc.