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Counterfeit Money Detectors

Counterfeit Bill Detectors
Counterfeit Detection, Magnetic Counterfeit Detectors, Infra-Red Counterfeit Detection

Counterfeit fraud costs businesses time and money. We offer a great selection of counterfeit detectors that can be used anywhere where cash transactions are involved.

Genuine notes are identified by a green light while suspect notes are identified with a red light and audible tone. Advanced models include ability to record, print or download serial numbers of scanned bills. We offer a full line of top quality counterfeit currency detectors that deliver accurate results.

Detection Methods:

Magnetic Detection

Magnetic detection involves the scanning and perception of components of banknotes that cannot be detected by the naked eye. The scanned notes are compared against the programmed data of an authentic bill. A suspicious note triggers a visual or audible notification.

Infrared Counterfeit Detection

Infra-red is one of the newest counterfeit bill detection techniques. This method take advantage of an anti-forgery technique that embeds infra-red marks on currency notes. This provides a very high level of accuracy.

We also carry bill counters with counterfeit detection click here for details.



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Image of Cashscan 2000, replaces Cashscan 1800
Cashscan 2000 Counterfeit Detector
List Price:: $200.00
Your Price:: $150.00
You Save: $50.00 (25 %)
Cashscan 2000 Counterfeit Detector
Cashscan 2000 Counterfeit Detector is the original and most popular counterfeit detection device in the world. Cashscan 2000 Counterfeit Detector verifies the magnetic properties of the ink on the face of all U.S. Dollars.