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Book Binding Machines

Book Binding Machines, Equipment and Supplies
Comb Binding Machines, Wire Binding Machines, Coil Binding Machines
Velobind Binding Machines, Tape Binding Machines
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Whether binding a few documents or hundreds of hand outs, we have the book binding machine to bind it. We offer the top brands of comb binding machine, coil binding machine, wire binding machine, Velobind from GBC, as well as tape binding equipment, binding supplies and much more. Binding supplies include binding combs, wires, coils, binding tape, thermal binding covers as well as report and presentation covers.

Comb Binding Machine
- A comb binding machine uses plastic combs to bind the document. These binding combs allow the pages to lie flat and fold back on itself. A document made with a plastic comb binder can be edited by opening the comb and adding or removing pages. A comb binding machine is an economical method to do document or book binding.

Wire Binding Machine
- A wire binding machine uses wire binding spines to create an upscale, sleek, professional appearance to proposals, company literature and other important documents. Punch your pages & covers with the wire binding machine, lay them into the wire binding spine then crimp it closed. Wire binding documents will lie flat & fold back on themselves.

Coil Binding Machine
- A coil binding machine uses plastic coils that are spun through the punched holes & crimped at the ends. Coil binding is flexible & is great for a wide variety of binding needs. Documents, handouts, manuals, calendars & more are perfect for a coil binding machine. Coil insertion can be manual-physically spinning the coil, or electric by leaning the coil against a spinning rubber roller.

Velobind Binding Machine
- Velobind uses a two piece plastic binding spine to secure the pages of the document.Velobind creates a professional, book-like finish that is great for filing, stacking & mailing. Velobind binding is widely used for courtroom documents due to the required measure of security.

Tape Binding Machine
- A tape binding machine uses strips of adhesive backed linen tape to bind your document. The heat activated adhesive provides a strong and consistant bind. Tape binding is an ideal application where creativity, flexibility and professional results are required.

Booklet Maker
- A booklet maker uses staples to bind your pages after folding them in half. A booklet maker can be manual or automatic operation. Some booklet makers can be paired with a collator for automatic feed. A booklet maker is great for programs, pamphlets, booklets and more.

Padding Press
- A padding press is for making pads of paper, scratch pads, etc. Square your paper in the padding press and paint the binding glue (not included) on the facing edge of the stack. Let the glue dry, separate the stacks and you have pads of paper made with a padding press.

Binding Supplies
- We have everything you need to create professional looking documents & presentations. We have binding combs, binding wires, binding coils, presentation covers, tape for tape binding, thermal binding covers, staples and more.

Manual staplers
- Manual staplers are operated by placing pressure o the levered handle. We offer Inexpensive and easy to use heavy duty manual office staplers, that are great for low volume operations.

Electric staplers
- Via an electric solenoid, electric staplers offer a cost effective means to boost productivity and reduce employee strain and injury. Electric staplers also deliver consistent stapling power delivering uniform results and reducing the chance of jams.

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GBC Velobind creates a securely bound document. Velobind documents file flat and look clean and professional. GBC Velobind Machines.
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BinderyMate Stitching Wire - 2 Spool Pack
List Price:: $36.49
Your Price:: $34.00
You Save: $2.49 (7 %)
BinderyMate Stitching Wire -  2 Spool Pack
Wire for the BinderMate 2 booklet maker - this package contains 2 spools
Formax FD 180 Automatic Booklet Maker
List Price:: $1,395.00
Your Price:: $1,186.00
You Save: $209.00 (15 %)
Formax FD 180 Automatic Booklet Maker
The FD 180 Booklet Maker is a compact and efficient addition to any office, church, school, small print shop or in-plant operation. Quick and easy setup leads to professional-quality booklets, at the touch of a button. Choose one of six pre-set sheet size
Sprint 3000 Staple Head
Your Price:: $229.00
Sprint 3000 Staple Head
Staple Head for Sprint 3000